Health and hygiene posters

For several years I worked with the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) on their CleanYourHands campaign.

Whilst working on this campaign we had to find eye catching, ways to make staff and patients think twice about hand hygiene.

It was a very effective campaign, down to all the agencies and communications teams involved. But it was not as beautiful as these Chinese hygiene posters.

Obviously these posters were designed in a different time, the detail and styling is so relaxed, the colours muted and thoughtful. They obviously wouldn’t work today, we are bombarded with imagery so much more these days. We need posters that are more impactful. I would love to know how successful these poster designswere.

Mmmm paper!

I love paper. No scrap that, I am OBSESSED with paper! It is a beautiful ancient art form, which is often overlooked and then the biggest insult (shhhhhh) it is put in the bin (gasp)!

It often gets ruined by having terrible design printed on it. Poor paper, it doesn’t often get treated well. And we won’t start on the trees!

GF Smith are a paper mill who I really admire. They do the lovely Colorplan range, which comes in lots of colours, textures and weights. Amazing for letterpress jobs!

They have made a video. Watch it, it shows all the care that goes into delivering their products.