How can you save money, when using your graphic designer?

All businesses are trying to save money. Every aspect of the business is scrutinised to see where there can be a saving.

So how can you save money and still use a graphic designer?

I like to use the analogy of doctor. You don’t walk into a doctor’s office and tell them what is wrong with you and how to fix it. You tell them what the problem is, your symptoms, and they use their years of experience and training to diagnose the condition and get you the right treatment.

It is the same with a designer (although less life and death). Don’t be tempted to spend hours laying out your job in powerpoint, in minute detail, in the vague attempt to save yourself money. You will not. Give that to a designer, and all you are doing is slowing down the creative process. Obviously if all you require is a ‘mac monkey’, I suggest you google that.

Alternatively, you could find yourself a really good graphic designer.

Firstly, find one that you can really communicate with. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again…get recommendations. Ask around, get some recommendations then go and meet the designer (they don’t bite…hopefully). This is so important. If you don’t gel with your designer, it doesn’t matter what their hourly rate is, you won’t get the job done quickly or on time.

When you find a designer who ‘gets you’, then they may have a higher rate than KwikkyCheap Design down the road, but they will get to the solution in a smarter, often quicker way. The final item will do the job you require from it. So a.) it won’t be a waste of money, and b.) it will earn you money.

Shall I repeat that? A good designer, will design something for you that will save you money AND earn you money.

For example, we have saved our clients around 60% in design fees and 30% in print fees, just by helping them to work smarter.

So to recap, don’t just shop around for cheap hourly rates. There will always be someone out there who is cheap. What you need to look for when shopping for a graphic designer, is quality of creative thought, someone who can diagnose your business ‘pains’ and help you solve the problem, because THAT is what you pay for.

Black Star

I was going to write this blog post last week about record cover design, it is something that as a studio we have been involved with. Mr.Seventy-three does a sideline in publishing vinyl too, we are a little obsessed.

Obviously, the World has changed now, the beautiful David Bowie is no longer with us. But as this is design related I have decided to carry on with the post.

I am a huge fan of vinyl, and with the quality of vinyl the main focus these days (nice heavy 180g – not the recycled wobbly rubbish of the 1980s) it is not a cheap way to buy your music. So, generally a lot of attention is paid to the packaging and graphic design.

I had pre-ordered David Bowie’s Black Star sometime last year. At £23 it is not the cheapest thing, but it is hardly a risk as it is a Bowie piece. The packaging really lets you know you have a quality product in your hands. It is great piece of graphic design.

When I get my new vinyl, I save splitting open the protective shrink wrap until I can truly savour it. A quick, gentle slice down the side and I am in. It’s all very exciting. And yes, I do always sniff the record, it’s part of the ritual.

The plain soft sheen black sleeve with the spot UV and die cut is so simple it is stunning. Through the star cut out on the front you get a glimpse of the product inside. It’s all very tantalising.

Inside there is minimal colour and the UV continues. The accompanying booklet has a matt laminate cover and lots of spot UV throughout.

The typography is lovely too, lyrics are laid out like constellations.

What a lovely portfolio piece for the designer. It was always going to be great, I mean, a Bowie cover! But now it is his last cover. Everything he did was so considered, part of the art, he obviously loved this cover. I’m very jealous.

I’m so glad I pre-ordered it.