13 years of Seventy Three Design

I’m not a superstitious person (unless I am dancing to Stevie Wonder, but that’s a whole other matter), so I wasn’t planning to celebrate my 13th year of running Seventy Three Design.

However, it just happened that I finished the new website the same month, which was a bit of luck!

When I started out all those years ago I used to freelance around design and marketing agencies in the Northampton and Milton Keynes area.

In no time at all I replaced that work with clients of my own. And I have enjoyed every moment since. Some times have been hard: recession. But like everyone else I have managed to bounce back and keep going.

I have to stop doing that, “I managed to bounce back”, I don’t give myself enough credit. The reason I keep going is that my clients trust me. I am fair with my charging, often delivering more than asked. And my design gets results, otherwise why would people come back.

I’m looking to work with new companies in my 14th year. I don’t work with everyone who asks, it has to be fun for me too, so I am quite excited about the year ahead.

If you want to join me, drop me a line, let’s have a coffee.