Fourteen years

Fourteen years!

I do sometimes have to pinch myself. In February 2003, I was made redundant. For a few months, I floated around, being a freelancer in-house, then getting a job in a print firm until the realisation, this was it. In the September I saw the chance to go it alone. Never again, hopefully, would I be given the opportunity to start my own business.

I have never wanted to employ anyone.  Something I know people can’t understand.

I love working in collaboration with other small marketing businesses to create teams for projects. It feels fresh every time, and I don’t have to get bogged down in office politics. I do NOT miss that!

I am working with a great team. I belong to a BNI networking group in Derby. In BNI we form “Powerteams”, which is true to name. Powerful.

With a web development company, marketing expert, video and animation team, copywriter we have a great foundation for most projects that come up. I have worked with some of these for years, others are new, but we fit because we have a say in who joins the group.

Why would anyone build a big firm when collaborating works this well?

We are so easy to refer to other businesses, so working together in this way means we get more business all time.

If you would like to see how we work in a BNI power team, then ask me for an invitation to visit our group on Tuesday 26th September in Derby, where the marketing power team will be demonstrating the POWER within BNI.

Oh, and we are looking for a photographer, social media expert, printer, signage company, events company or if you work in marketing or need help with your marketing we want to meet you!