Alltruck Culture book

Last night I was invited to the the Annual Awards Ceremony at Alltruck PLC. This was their 14th event, in which staff get together and celebrate the last 12 months achievements.

Alltruck a very unique company, in my opinion. They are very transparent with their staff and customers and although they are there to make money (of course), they celebrate their biggest achievement – a culture within the business that in enviable.

This year to celebrate the Alltruck culture, we helped them produce a Culture Book. A bit like an annual, filled with photos and quotes, letters from the MD, and a record of all the charity work they do as a team.

This is such a good idea. If your business, like Alltruck (truck hire) doesn’t feel like it will be that inspiring. Then look to the people within your business and talk about them. Since Alltruck made the culture of their people the centre of their business, their turnover and profit has gone up and the perception of customers is that Alltruck is better.

This is almost tangible too, as you walk into the room everyone is happy. There is great banter and a lot of respect for colleagues. Brilliant!

Have a look at the Culture Book here