Should you get a new logo design?

Flicking through the internet today, I came across a new story that a major tool manufacture had redesigned their logo and whole brand identity. As a brand I had grown up with I was interested to see the results.

How disappointing.

They now look like everyone else. All regular sans serif and sans personality. Their old logo probably could have done with a logo refresh, but it didn’t need eradicating in this way. Where has the symbol gone? Had they explored how to develop this further?

We will never know. And that is half the problem when companies launch a new brand identity. At this stage they are all puffed up with pride hoping everyone else will like it the same way they do. The rest of us are not privy to the brief from the client. How much input did the client have? Was it design by committee in the end, with the agency pulling out their hair?

One thing we are definitely sure of though is that this solution is probably the wrong one for the business. Sad face.

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