Design is more than using a computer

I am always ranting on about how graphic design is more than using photoshop (and any other programmes you can think of). Finally I have found a video that shows you what I mean. Created by it shows what tools we had to use before computers came along to create print ready artwork.

I’m not going to wax lyrical about how things were better before computers, because I don’t believe things were. There were better smells: PMT camera film, fluids, inks, spray mount and countless other solvents and sprays (I wasn’t a glue sniffer, honestly).

Things took longer, so in my opinion you were more considered and designers were better problem solvers. When it takes a day to get your type back from the setters before you can put it in your artwork, you tend to make sure things are just so. No rubbing out on the computer and changing it every 5 minutes.

So, here’s to nostalgia, let’s take a look back in time (to as late as the early 1990s, can you believe that!) and if you never worked in a studio at this time, then I do think you missed out but maybe I have those rose tinted glasses on again:

Inspirational words

I don’t think there is a person out there who hasn’t been touched by advertising designed by Sir John Hegarty. He is quite frankly a creative genius.

Today I stumbled across this article about Sir John in

There are some real words of wisdom in this, not only for the designers amongst us but for all business people.

My favourite quotes from the article:

Great creative people are outsiders. They’re always looking in and observing, commenting and reflecting, wondering how it could be better. As soon as you’re part of something, you’re compromised by it.”

When a brand is in trouble, go back to its soul. If a brand drifts away from its basic principles it becomes vague, flaccid, nobody understands it. The answer lies in – what made it great? Why was it so successful? Go back to its roots.”